To help local SMEs kick-start their digitisation, Equotix is collaborating with IMDA to offer you comprehensive e-commerce packages with OpenCart.

Save 80% on our e-commerce packages when you apply through the Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) before 30 September 2021* and receive the support and expertise from our team at Equotix to help start, run, and grow your OpenCart online store today.

*PSG will be reduced to 70% with effect from 1 October 2021.

Level Up Your Digital Presence

PSG web design revamp

Equotix is the sole official partner of OpenCart in Singapore, and is now listed as one of the vendors with digital solutions pre-approved by IMDA for funding of eligible costs under the Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG), as part of the SMEs Go Digital programme.

Eligible businesses can approach us to build customised OpenCart e-commerce websites with our pre-approved e-commerce packages and save 80% of the costs with the Productivity Solutions Grant. In addition, eligible companies can use the SkillsFuture Enterprise Credit (SFEC) to cover up to 90% of your out-of-pocket expenses. Retail businesses can claim your Digital Resiliense Bonus (DRB) of up to S$10,000 payout too!

Find out more about the grants below.


The Productivity Solutions Grant is available for pre-approved solutions up to 80% of the cost. Read here for more information.


The SkillsFuture Enterprise Credit covers up to 90% of out-of-pocket expenses on qualifying costs over the existing schemes. Find out more here.


The Digital Resilience Bonus is a one off S$10,000 payout to help affected businesses. Find out if you are eligible here.

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Request Quote

Step 1

Get an official quotation from us

You need a quotation from us to apply for the PSG grant. Submit your details below and Equotix will reach out to you.
Apply Grant

Step 2

Apply for Productivity Solutions Grant

Complete and submit your PSG application through the Business Grants Portal once you receive the quotation from us. You will need a CorpPass account.

Step 3

Website Development Phase

Our specialised team of developers and designers at Equotix will work closely with you to develop and perfect your OpenCart e-commerce site. Your satisfaction is of our utmost priority and we will ensure that your website is exactly what you need.
Process Claim

Step 4

Submit your final claim

After you are satisfied with your website, you will have to submit your final claim through the Business Grants Portal to get your reimbursement.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the criteria for PSG?

Your business needs to be registered and operating in Singapore with a minimum of 30% local shareholding and Company's Group annual sales turnover less than S$100 million, OR less than 200 employees.

Get the most updated information here.

What documents do I need to apply for PSG?

You will need to get a quotation from us and a CorpPass account to submit your application on the Business Grants Portal (BGP).

Get the most updated information here.

What e-commerce platform will be used?

OpenCart. OpenCart powers over 390,000 active websites all around the world, is easy to use and powerful. Equotix is the official partner of OpenCart and all our developers are specially trained to work with OpenCart.

Can I use the grant for packages not approved by IMDA?

Only approved grant packages can be claimed for PSG. Equotix has 2 grant packages pre-approved and you will need to choose from either to be able to claim the grant.

Can I apply for PSG after I have already paid for your services?

No, you cannot claim the grant after you've paid us. You will need to apply for the grant and wait for the approval before making any payments.

Can you apply or submit the grant for me?

We would love to do that, but we can't. CorpPass is required, and you will need to follow the instructions provided to submit the application. A step-by-step guide can be found here.